You don’t know what it’s like being a black woman in today’s society
Though I must admit times have changed since the days
Our African roots first set foot on American sands
Branded, enslaved and sold to the highest bidder by the MAN
Since then, sistas have evolved into powers to be reckoned with
Though trebling the clefs of a newer instinctual dimensions
We black women are still faced with ancient chauvinistic demands
Of man… ivory-skinned as well as our own tone
Many often miscalculating Divine purpose outside of
The ‘barefoot and pregnant mentality’ zone
Blind to the likes of we…he fails to see
We birthed nations into existence
Carrying the weight of the world’s burdens upon slender shoulders
Often trembling beneath the weight of wearied apprehensions
We…weep for the child who knew pain before she knew love!
We…weep for the man broken by a life threatening to lynch his manhood upon demand!
We weep for the woman who is knocked to her knees by superiority complexes
Neglecting any notion of she being anything more than a dolled up token
Whose only purpose…is to please
Rather than she being a conscientious valedictorian of successful prophecies
Damn it!
I am a queen


I wear hope like a banner across my breast
Like a weathered garment
To protect from the idle-wilds born of
Destitution, neglect and abuse,
both spiritually and physically
Tearing down societal vises with the whip of
Humanistic chords
Why? Because I give a damn!
You see, my philosophy creeds that
As long as breath breathes in me,
I will not stand cowardly by
With apathetic blinders covering my eyes so as not to
Witness the anguish these streets bleed daily
I hear famished cries of my brothers and sisters weeping
I feel the ruthless jabs of pain
Breaking the hearts of those who have been broken
Time and time again
By rape and abuse!
…fatal libations!
…drug’s jacked-up sedations!
…strokes of bad luck stealing everything owned!
…mental deviations strayed from the norm!
Sometimes these storms in life make death look like a vacation!
So I stand, vowing allegiance to the vital cause of humanity
A race of human beings in need of compassion and agape love
My force of one may seem minescule
But this spirit of giving outshines the sun’s insistent rays
Burning with the deliberation of a thousand volcanoes raging
Because when it comes down to it, it ain’t about me, it’s about we
Whether we choose to ignore it, or acknowledge the claim
We are all our brothers and sisters keepers
Perhaps not as dictated by d.n.a.,
but in GOD’s name


She Called My name in a dialect unknown…
Shook the foundation of my soul and knocked me off my throne…
Vibrations leaving me weak in my knees…
If my prayers were answered then god I am pleased…
Her kisses amazing…
Her touch is dazing…
And that was the Spiritual Feel…
Not yet to touch this Goddess…
Not yet to touch this Goddess…
Not yet to dance with the constellation…
Of her imagination as I serenade with the moon…

Trembling, I drape the sheath of his radiant soul
Around my shoulders for warmth
For protection
Raging Storms melt away to silence
As spiritual truths learn how to fly
Instinctively I close my eyes and breath him
Inhaling his divine metaphoric sentimentalities
As exhales render lifelong inhibitions free
Free to roam in love’s perceived playground… in me
Not yet to touch my king
Not yet to touch my king
Not yet to touch the laugh lines artistically designed in my honor
As heart-filled notions play charade with what could be

Tasting the temptation…
Cold chills causing hallucinations…
Sweating out the lust…
As I am High off The angel Dust As She Sprinkles Me With A Mist of Her Loving…
Sinking into the Abyss As She Wraps Me With Her Saturation…
As She Floods Like a Current from Her Natural Perception…
I am on the Shore of her Caribbean Sea…

As I welcome his pre-destined love to be
Speechless to the whistling of the wind chimes
Calling his name
Calling my name
Names soon to be infused into the same
As distant echoes harbor our existence
Within huge waves of emotions cleansing… renewing
Destiny pursuing its rightful place in this consecrated season

Head over heals I dive into her soul…
Breath stroking her mental oasis…
Eyes Closed Seeing Her Spiritual Faces…
As My Tongue is Baptized…
From Her Eyes I am Drawn in at A Distance…
As My Heart beats With Consistence…

From his eyes I am drawn in at a distance
As my heart yearns to embrace his essence

See She Has me Uttering Her Name but She Hears me Not…
Because She is Deaf to The world As I am Blinded by the Beauty…
Of Every Curve and Angle of this Angel…
As We Spiritually Touch and My Mind Body and Soul is Trapped With in Her Loves Triangle…
Yet With Her Body I am yet To Tangle…
Not Yet To Touch This Goddess…

Not yet to touch my king
Not Yet To Touch This Goddess…
Not yet to touch my king
Not Yet To Dance In Her Aquatic Graceland…
Not yet to delve into his mystic galaxies…

(Together) But Distantly Make Love To Him/Her In Ways Our Naked Eyes Would Never See…

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