Affectionately known in the entertainment world as LyriQ, is an author, songwriter/vocalist, spoken word performer, and self-taught painter.

With 16 years of performing experience under her belt, Marie still considers herself a babe as it relates to her still budding gifts and she strives daily to reinvent herself and to take all crafts adopted to the next level.

To Marie’s acclaim are three self-published books of poetry to include, “My Piece Be with You“, “Eye of Thee…Behold Her”, and “Indelible: Scriptures from a Poetic Soul”, as well as a romance novel entitled, “Tomorrow Promises…”. In addition, she has created well over 200 paintings using the acrylic medium, since the discovery of this new gift back in November 2015. She is an avid member of the Sumter Artists Guild Numerous pieces of her work have been featured in the Sumter Gallery of Art, the Sumter Little Theater, the Sidewalk Cafe and the Carolina Dental Associates office.

Also a skilled vocalist and songwriter, Marie has fashioned a number of musical/poetic favorites to include collaborations with talented and diverse artists in the industry to create Marie’s first album entitled, “Sole to Soul”. In addition, her second CD entitled “BARE” was just released January 2017.

A connoisseur of eclectic artistic stylings, in whatever form it manifests, Marie remains humbled by the concept of being a vessel through which vibes of existence can flow through uninhibited. Her mission in life…to make a positive difference in the world we lovingly refer to as home.

In the editing stage of my second romance novel entitled, “Twice in a Lifetimes.” If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the above sited works, feel free to do so by going to the Products page. Please know that I appreciate your love and support and I welcome any feedback you wish to provide. PEACE & BLESSINGS…..


Associate in Humanities | Bachelors of Arts in Psychology | Master of Arts Degree in Mental Health Counseling | Global Career Development Facilitator Certification


Working with under-privileged students | Feeding and clothing the homeless | Sketching | Singing | Graphics Designing | Salsa Dancing | and last but certainly not least, traveling to perform Spoken Word


Global Career Development Facilitator (middle school) | Mental Health Counselor specializing in Substance Abuse.

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